Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updating my blog

Sorry for not updating my blog as i dont have the habits of updating my stuff online. But i like to watch others... lol. I guess some problem with the blogger as i cant upload photos in. you guys too?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

being too busy...

Having alot of event in this two month...

SMRT open ceremony 31th May, Singout'09 showcase 7th June, Music Story' 2nd year anniversary 14th June, Singout's Semi-finals 27th June/28th June...etc... guess more are coming up.

Make me very tired and i really want a short holiday break after that. Also want to thanks few ppl helping out like VERON, XIESHUN,SHAN SHAN, YE LUN, JASMINE, HUILING... and all the committees members...

Today the event for the SINGOUT showcase was quite successful... I am the SOUND MAN today...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Performances at SMRT Circle Line...

Performances on 31th May 09 Sunday at CIRCLE LINE waiting area... Didnt get to perform after so long since 2007. I didnt perform well enough i guess...Teach too much already...I feel abit down. Khim, Mavis, Veron and my idol DIYA was fantastic. Then i realise that the key and tempo for " Xiao Jiu Wo " the sound man make it higher and faster.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being busy...

WoRk Work and work... just wanted a break again this time. I think a normal person who like to go holiday at least twice a year so that we wont feel so stress at work.
Few people keep asking me to rest more as they also think that i am too tired.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Join Our SingOut'09

Are U Joining SINGOUT '09?
Stop Procrastinating!
Sing Out is an annual singing competition organised by Music Story by Anthony Png.

This year's Sing Out '09 targets at both the
ADULT Category and OPEN Category,
the search for the BEST VOCALIST and PERFORMER in Singapore.

All FINALISTS will have the opportunity to be COACHED PERSONALLY
by Project Superstar Judge Anthony Png (Fang Zhong Hua)

Singout 08 Finalists

This year, all Finalists will get to RECORD A SONG for Sing Out '09 Compilation Disc.

Last year's Grand Finals was held at DBS Auditorium with a total of
more than 20 performers from Music Story, 16 Finalists and 500 Audience.

This year's Grand Finals will be organised at a much larger scale
and we currently already have cash and prizes totaling up to $5000!

We have 2 Categories:

ADULT - 13 -39 years old

OPEN - 40 & above

PRIZES for both Adult & Open Category
1st - $2000 cash & prizes
2nd- $1500 cash & prizes
3rd - $1000 cash & prizes

MARCH 14, 15, 20, 22, 28
APRIL 3 & 4


QUARTER final dates:
April weekends


SEMI final dates:
Jun weekends

FINAL date:

Prepare 2 songs mainly 1 Fast /1 Slow Song.
You do not have to bring a MMO.
(Will be singing without music)

Time: 7pm
Cost: $15 ( MS student) / $18 ( Public )

The 1st SINGOUT AUDITION starts on 14 MARCH !!!


1) Download the REGISTRATION FORM from
2) Print & Fill up the form
3) Dial 6223 0012 to confirm your audition dates BEFORE 14 MARCH.
4) Make payments together with the form to Music story on your audition dates

Hotline for enquires: 6223 0012, 11am -7pm

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So many things have happened...

As so many years in Music Story, i have seen so many things happen. I just want to be very neutral, as i will think all those who i know was very once and very close to me. I wont want to hate or dislike a person as i normally dont. Sometimes i am very direct which i dont mean anything. All of them are my friends, is quite sad for them to leave so sudden also. Like what Jasmine Teo told me, everyone are still friends, no need to quarrel here and there.

As the manager, i definely have to protect the school from harm. Hope everyone will understand that.

Wish to see you guys again one day...

Tommy Lim

Monday, January 19, 2009

My New Staff

MY NEW COLLEAGUE HE YIN but she have to go back to china until the permit approve.